Choosing Between Poly and Steel Diesel Transfer Tanks

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Choosing Between Poly and Steel Diesel Transfer Tanks
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Buying a diesel transfer tank for your vehicle can be a difficult decision to make because there are a lot of choices available. There are also many price ranges for you to compare and choose from if you have a certain budget. The material of the tank can affect your diesel and it is one thing that is usually overlooked. In this article, we will discuss the differences between steel and poly diesel tanks.


Poly and steel are two of the most commonly used material for fuel tanks. There are a number of things to be aware of when it comes to diesel tanks. Condensation can build up within your tank, which can result in moisture leaking into your diesel when you leave a steel tank outdoors on a hot day. When water enters your diesel fuel, it can become very damaging to your engine. Condensation doesn’t happen when using poly tanks. Although it poly has a greater wall thickness, it’s actually lighter than steel. Steel will eventually rust, but not poly tanks.  


Poly diesel fuel tanks are equipped with a pump, hose, and a gun that are already assembled and prepared for you so you can use immediately. As for steel tanks, you can only purchase the components individually. When you purchase a steel tank, you’d have to buy the pump, hose, gun and other components separately. Putting all the components together can be tedious and time consuming.


Steel diesel tanks are usually fixed to the bed of your truck, with bolts that hold it in place onto the mounting surface. You can also mount or install poly diesel units this way, but they can also be portable. If you don’t want to install them permanently on the truck, they can also be easily detached by just strapping them in. In comparison to steel tanks, which are more difficult to handle because they are heavy, poly tanks have lifting handles for two people to move them with ease.


The manufacturing or production of steel is very different from how poly tanks are built. There is a chance of leakage on the seams of steel tanks because they are welded. In contrast, a poly tank has no seams because it is built as a single molded piece.


Most poly tanks have a warranty of up to 10 years, while steel tanks have 1 to 3 years of warranty. This is usually a reflection of how durable the manufacturer thinks the product is.


Both steel and poly tank prices are far from being similar. It is mentioned earlier that when you buy a steel diesel tank, you would also need to purchase the other parts separately. Therefore, you not only have to buy the product alone, but you also have to spend a lot of time to assemble everything. On the other hand, poly tanks come prepared with all the needed components that are assembled and ready for usage. Thus, a 100-gallon steel tank with components costs higher than a poly tank.

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