Enter the New Age of 3D Printing Service for Organs and Implants

Kent   February 18, 2020   Comments Off on Enter the New Age of 3D Printing Service for Organs and Implants

The power of 3D printing has benefitted many aspects of modern living and the healthcare industry is not excluded t from this. It is actually one of the sectors that it is most relevant in.

Over the past few years not just in the country but on a global scale, 3D printing service have evolved through the years. It has now reached greater feats we never before thought would be conceivable or even  possible. 

For instance, the medical community has found new ways they can take advantage of 3D printing, and that is in the production of 3D printed organs and implants.  You can also take advantage of 3D printing to expedite surgical procedures. This can be done by empowering medical professionals and letting them produce more affordable versions of the surgical tools they require. 

3D medical printing is likely to have a US$1.2 billion market value this year alone. Insider leads also made a brave forecast before that at least 35% of implants and prosthetics surgeries in the prior years would be carried out in 3D prints.  

Among the pioneers of 3D printing service is the Melbourne-based and Australian-controlled medical device company, Anatomics. 

They have been involved with the production and marketing of key surgical items, producing them for use by surgeons both here in the country and for use abroad. 

Needless to say, this is an exciting time for these companies that are involved in the healthcare industry because they can now see the seemingly endless possibilities of 3D printing for medical purposes and applications.

These healthcare organizations are currently fixated on the following areas in the medical care sphere: 

  • Bioprinting

This aspect is involved in the creation of on-demand human organs. At the moment, this is comprised of skin, cartilage, and bones. Industry insiders are optimistic that there is good hope in the production of replacement limbs and other organs shortly. 

  • Medical 3-dimensional printing

At this moment, this area is remaining at the beta phase. It is involved with the production of personalized casts made from light plastic materials, designed and engineered in such a way that they would give the patient a snug fit, for greater comfort and ease. 

  • Custom-designed orthotics and prosthetics where 3D technology printing would significantly help in scaling down their production costs. 

3D Printed Organs

3D technology on printing is most beneficial to patients whose names are on the waiting list to receive a willing donor for an organ transplant. Comprehensive and in-depth research and study on this is currently being undertaken in many scientific laboratories around the globe.

3D printer solution

Their main goal of those studies is to find a way on how they can create artificial kidneys, hearts and other vital internal organs of the human body. 

There is a long way to go for these kinds of studies, but if those researches would be successful 3D printed organs will undoubtedly become among the major breakthroughs in the medical community for this century. 

In the country alone, we have an estimated 1,600 heads on the waiting list for organ donation. On average, these people would need to bear a minimum waiting time of 6 months to 4 years before they can finally find a perfect and suitable organ donor. Only after finding a suitable donated organ they’d be able to undergo some type of transplant procedure. In the absence of which, their life and wellbeing, will remain on the balance. 

It is forecasted that these developments in 3D printing service finding practical applications in human organ and implant printing will significantly reduce these waiting times, saving thousands of lives in the end.