Instant and Practical Solutions to Address Hair Thinning in Women

Kent   March 13, 2020   Comments Off on Instant and Practical Solutions to Address Hair Thinning in Women

Hair thinning is fast becoming a common problem among many women today. Growing alongside with this problem is the myriad of possible solutions. Each one of them is making high claims to address female hair loss and promise to put an end to the embarrassment they usually cause the affected individual. 

While surgical methods such as Nadal hair transplant is far more advanced and offer a more permanent solution, they don’t usually come easy on the budget. Far too often, ordinary men and women find these options as way too expensive and, therefore, not affordable. 

If you are trying to look for alternative hair loss treatments that will not likely rip-off your finances, several options can be considered. We made a comprehensive research on this and listed below are some of the top low-cost alternative options that will help camouflage thinning hair in women, which works even for men, too. 

Hair Replacement

This hair replacement system is non-surgical and non-invasive. It will normally make use of a mesh base. Real human hair is knotted into the mesh base with the help of fine knotting skills. This way it will not be visible, making it seem to disappear into the mesh. 

Of paramount importance here is that the color of the hair and the mesh should be of the same to that of the user’s. If all is good on that aspect, the mesh would be stuck with the help of liquid 

glue to help in making it appear that the hair strands are indeed growing from the scalp. 

After installation is done and completed with, the piece will have to be cut well and for the receding hairline, it has to be taken into account to achieve a perfectly natural result. 

This solution is, of course, only temporary since the mesh needs to be reattached because it will be pushed a little moment that the hair follicles underneath it start to grow.  

Hair Volumizing Shampoo

The vast majority of volumizing shampoos have keratin as among their prime ingredients. It is a type of hair protein that makes its way into the hair shaft, which gives it a fuller and thicker appearance. This is highly recommended to both men and women afflicted with thinning hair, and it can last for several days until the next time you use your shampoo. 

volumizing shampoo

Microfibres/Keratin Hair Fibers

These are over-the-counter hair loss treatment product. The highest grade of these items come in the powdery form of keratin fibers. Users can choose from a wide array of colors to match the natural color of their hair. 

To use this type of products, you need to shake the bottle first before spraying. Doing so will help in unsettling the hair fibers, then aim the sprayer on the affected area of the hair. As you apply the product, the tiny flecks of keratin will attach themselves to your existing hair fibers. Thus, causing it to appear fuller and having more volume. 

When trying to look for a hair fiber product, make it sure to buy instead of a Keratin-based hair fiber product. They usually have the highest electrostatic charge which means to say they are likely to stay longer on your head than any other type of hair fiber. 

Since Keratin fibers stay longer on your head, they are likely to remain intact even when in direct contact with rainwater, wind or sweat. This is the reason why it is perfect for people who are experiencing the outset of the initial stages of baldness or thinning of hair, lasting until your next shampoo.  

healthy scalp tretament

Scalp Micropigmentation

This is yet another non-invasive approach to camouflage hair thinning in women. The process will involve the use of the creation of micro-tattooed dots over the head’s scalp and make it look like stubble. It is a tedious process and may require sessions to completely cover the entire scalp. 

This is a practical alternative to have for those bald areas of the head that are not likely to have hair regrowth anytime soon. Even though this is bound to fade over time, it is your prerogative to retouch it. But always make sure that you will employ the right professional for this job, otherwise you are running the risk of making it look fake.