Positive Displacement Pump

Kent   July 25, 2016   Comments Off on Positive Displacement Pump

Positive displacement pumps are best known for pumping viscous liquids. They produce high pressure and are used for special applications of liquids that contain fragile or suspended solids. When you know how they work, it is important to understand how they can be used in business or for personal uses.

They are of two major types;

· Rotary pumps

It has a gear, lobe, vane and screws that rotate to move the liquid in and out of the chambers. The rotation is the one that facilitates the drawing of fluid from the hoses. This specific pump uses suction pressure control features. It’s mainly used to pump fluids with small solids because large solids may wear the parts. The gears move in opposite directions trapping the liquids and the air and thus making the pumps work. The main feature to note is that rotary displacement pumps work with rotation.

. Reciprocating pumps

It has a reciprocating mechanism that incorporates the diaphragm, the piston and the hydraulic to contact and expand the chamber at regular intervals. It has valves at the inlet and outlet to prevent reversal of the fluids.

These pumps are quite useful when constant flow of liquids is needed, while there is need of high pressure to pump viscous liquids like oil and when there is need to move liquids with fragile solids. However, it’s important to know that if too much space is left between the outside edge of the hose and the pump, it can create a room for the liquid to be trapped inside instead of vacuuming it out. This is likely to damage the pipe or hose. In the long-run the pump not be effective for the job it was intended.

What matters is what you will be using the pump for. It is advisable that you choose your positive displacement pump after understanding the basics of how it works.