Waterjet Cutting Machine: Producing Quality Result at its Best

admin   September 7, 2018   Comments Off on Waterjet Cutting Machine: Producing Quality Result at its Best

Regardless if you are new in the industry of waterjet cutting or you have already been manufacturing with this technology, what is important is that you are aware of the benefits that a waterjet cutting machine has to offer.

First off, there are two kinds of methods available as far as waterjet cutting is involved. One is pure and the other is known as abrasive waterjet cutting. In terms of differences, pure is mainly use for cutting materials that are soft such as paper and foam with the use of a water stream. Whereas abrasive type makes use of granular abrasive that is added to the water stream. This granular abrasive increases the power of cutting stream which then enables materials like ceramics and metal to be cut easily.

Here are some of the known benefits of waterjet cutting- reasons why they are getting more popular today more than ever.

High-Quality Finish

When compared to laser cutting, saw cutting, or routing, the cut produced by a waterjet simply stands out. As it has a more sandblasted look, smoother, free of chips, burnt edges, and slag, it saves a lot in unnecessary finishing costs. Simply put, a waterjet cutting machine simply produces a “finish cut” and is often used for displays and signs, especially popular for esthetics. All these transposes to the various industries as the finish is typically the cleanest and smoothest.

No Heat-Affected Zone

Unlike with plasma or laser cutting that can cause melting or burning, where the cut areas could become chemically altered because of heat, the cut parts stay unaffected. This is because of the fact that water is the primary medium that is being used. At the same time, water is known for its absorption and insulation qualities.

This is very critical on different applications where materials do not show any signs of discoloration or burning, or on those materials that could not be cut with the use of laser due to burning. With the help of the machine, only very little heat is being created, generated, and transferred to the part. Such is extremely handy when working on stainless steel, steel, exotic alloys, and even other metals when heat can actually change the metal’s properties. The same is true for composites, plastics, phenolics, acrylics, and laminates.


No Mechanical Stress

The nature of a water jet cut does not give any mechanical stress into the workpiece. There is also no side pressures that are generated as the pressure from the waterjet are forced downward, thus forcing the material to the table. In this case, fixturing and clamping is very minimal and can practically become non-existent. Moreover, as there is no metal contact, no heat is being created and the machine does not introduce any form of stress to the material.