Waterjet cutting systems

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The jet water cutter overcomes the laser cutting defects, which include high cost and inability to cut thick metal sheets. In comparison with the fire cutting process, this device is characterized by solutions to the difficulties of cutting high melting point alloys, and improves the cutting surface efficiency. As a result of high security features, environmental protection, low downtime, high efficiency, etc., this cutting method has wide applications at present.

water jet cutter

The advantages of this product are its high performance components and superior operating system

Water jet cutting systems nowadays can automatically calculate cutting time, thus allowing customers to perform accurate forecasting of pre-cut processing costs. Where the user only selects the type of material, thickness, degree required for processing (20 level), and then the system will automatically use the appropriate control parameters to perform the work efficiently. For example, the system automatically adjusts and executes valve opening and closing instructions, puncture time, cutting speed and power, as well as automatic switching between low and high pressure.

The water-jet cutting system also has many protection functions including protection from air and water pressure, overpressure protection, rapid switch protection, overheating protection, overflow protection, single-direction valve lock, flexible limit and fixed cutting range , And other characteristics. This system ensures the correct operation of all parts of the water-jet sector, thus providing the customer with water cutting services that are fully satisfied and appreciated.