What to Consider when Doing A Conveyor Belt Repair

Kent   January 28, 2019   Comments Off on What to Consider when Doing A Conveyor Belt Repair

A belt conveyor is one of the most important material-handling equipment utilized in different industries. As its name says, the conveyor is conveyor with a conveyor belt that serves as the conveying or transferring medium. This belt is so powerful that it can carry products at varying speeds over large distances. A conveyor belt is also often used for declining and inclining applications.

Given this significant role it plays, it becomes a must to make sure that it will perform as expected. There are times when the conveyor would break down while in the midst of production. When this happens, ordering for a new one will take a lot of time, thus a conveyor belt repair will be necessary. However, you need to ensure that the repair is done properly. A very small mistake could lead to disastrous results during production. To make sure that everything is done properly, here are some important things you need to consider.


4 Considerations for Repair

Nature of Damage

The damage can either be major or minor but it is important for you to analyze both. For example, a small tear on the belt might not be hazardous and can be easily fixed during the shutdown. On the other hand, a big rip along the width of the belt can lead to further damage. This could affect its balance along the way.


Is Temporary Repair Enough?

Not all the time. After you have analyzed the nature of the damage, you should also analyze how long the belt would be able to perform after the temporary repair. You need to carefully judge if it can withstand the take-up forces when its tensile strength has been restored. A temporary conveyor belt repair usually covers small types of repairs like mending or replacing with fasteners and holding a scab overlay with the use of fasteners or elevator bolts. Feasibility and appropriateness of the repair will depend on the damages that the belt has endured. The feasibility decreases when major damages are incurred by the belt.


Type of Repair

There are different techniques available for the repair of a conveyor belt. They include cold cure, Dutchman, metal and vulcanized fasteners. Choosing the right method can be done after you have consulted an expert.


Time Needed for the Repair

The load of the belt should be shifter to its adjacent conveyor belt. Doing so can be time-consuming and can affect productivity. In this case, you have to consider whether you want a repair or a replacement.

The four considerations above can make the repair process of your conveyor belt a lot easier. Aside from this, make sure that you always have a spare belt conveyor that you purchase only from a reputable distributor.