Why Fire Cabinets Are a Must for Your Business?

Kent   October 29, 2019   Comments Off on Why Fire Cabinets Are a Must for Your Business?

Safety is something that should never be taken for granted, instead it should be a priority. Most workplaces have hazard, thus the need for safety measures. As an important part of a safety measure, it is recommended to have good quality fire cabinets in working environments. Having such is highly beneficial for the business for different purposes. To find out more about why you need one for your business and how you can benefit from it, read on below.

Protect the Outdoor from Elements

Fire cabinets and fire extinguishers that are mounted on the outside area of the premises of the workplace are exposed to different elements. These elements include salty air, snow, ice, rain, extreme cold in winter and heat in summer. All these things can lead to their deterioration.

In addition, debris, dust, and insects could get into the nozzle cavity, thus blocking the opening. In case of a fire outbreak, this will make the cabinets and extinguishers useless. But, as you use them you need to see to it that they are safe from the adverse effects that come with their exposure to the elements.

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Safe from Damage

In industrial settings, fire extinguishers that are wall mounted have the tendency to get bumped into as people in the workplace move different equipment and heavy loads. As soon as they get hit by a heavy metal object, they can get damaged and this will result in malfunction, especially when you need it the most.

To make sure that there will be no damages on the fire extinguishers, the best thing to do is to lock them up in sturdy fire cabinets. These cabinets are strong enough to the point that they could withstand blunt force. Aside from this, they can also be recessed to the walls, so the chances of getting damaged by any passing object is greatly reduced.

There are some industries that have to deal with corrosive chemicals that could react with the metal tank of an extinguisher. Good thing that a fire cabinet is available in different types of materials that include hardened glass which does not react with the majority of chemicals.

Prevent Theft

Although this one might come as a surprise, even fire extinguishers could get stolen. Those that are mounted on the outside part of the building are the easiest targets for thieves. If you install one with the use of a brace mount, thieves can just lift it up and escape. But if you lock it in a case of cabinet, thieves will have a more difficult time stealing them.

Protect the Business

One best way to make sure that your extinguishers will not be damaged or get tampered with is by putting them in a cabinet. In case of a fire, the extinguisher is the first line of defense, so you want to keep it safe. When it gets damaged before the fire, it will fail to work, leaving you in great trouble. So, you better make sure that you protect them and keep them safe all the time. Click this link to find out more about fire extinguisher cabinets.