Why Sonic Drill Rig Manufacturers Prefer Sonic Technology?

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If given the chance to bring this up to their attention, how would sonic drill rig manufacturers define sonic drilling in their own words? What they are likely going to tell you is that sonic drilling is a powerful way to penetrate the ground soil. The strong highlight of it though is the reduced amount of friction that it normally produces. This friction usually occurs between the drill string and drill bit and is brought about by liquefaction, alleviated soil porosity, and inertia effects. Melding them as one will make the job of penetrating a wide range of soil types much easier for sonic rigs and tooling.  

Features for Success

When trying to work out a design for the sonic drilling rig, some of the things you need to take into account and maximize would be accuracy, safety, and efficiency. This is one surefire way that you can secure success for every drilling project you will have and handle. They are built with a swing arm that is fairly easy to control and with an intuitive layout. It allows the operator to maneuver it with great ease and render him to execute several tasks in a very efficient manner. 

Speeds, pumps, and feeds, you can sure dial them precisely with the help of electronic controls. 

The main purpose of the rod handling mechanism is to further enhance safety and productivity level but could be taken instead as optional. Moreover, it can also provide significant help in alleviating operator fatigue. 

The sonic drill rig is a high-impacting and powerful system. It is the drill method of choice for many engineers when they’re handling large diameter rods and casings, heavy lifting and minimizes manual effort for a 5 man drill team.  

Process Overview According to Sonic Drill Rig Manufacturers

Sonic drill rig got its name from the drill bit and the driving mechanism behind it, which is usually entailed with sonic drill head equipped with 2 oscillators. They usually act as counterweights, and with that, they usually work against each other. If these two oscillators are in tune with a particular direction you want them to go to, resonance is produced from the tool string and to your bit. The force produced here will help in driving the drill down.  

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Sonic Drilling Applications

Earthen Embankments

Earthen embankments are usually accompanied by a number of straining challenges. The effects they bring along can be alleviated with the use or application of the sonic drilling method. To have a better understanding of this, we can cite a typical example like for instance the project for Army Corp of Engineering. The air-based approach of drilling here is not completely acceptable. However, what makes sonic drilling viable for this is the fact that it gives the project a fair chance to be completed within your stipulated work timetable.  

Groundwater Profile

When handling a drilling project and the main goal you have in mind for it is to help you obtain a groundwater profile, the use of sonic technology for such a drill project will prove itself as the most viable approach to have. You insert the borehole with the subsurface water pump and by this measure, the technician will be able to draw and bring this to the surface without needing to jeopardize the boring integrity.  


When it comes to environmental remediation projects, sonic drilling has got more advantages to offer. It can help you handle low mobility and compaction grouting.